Tribute Solutions, LLC
Custom management software to meet your specific needs
We started Tribute because our own businesses needed it.

I’m Mike Ainsworth, an MBA graduate of the Harvard Business School and long time successful entrepreneur. For me, technology has always been a key tool for doing things right. However, regardless of the business in which I’m involved - and those include healthcare, advertising, event services, and product sales - I could never find management software that completely met my needs. To overcome the deficiencies of standard commercial software, I stared creating my own. Sometimes this was to fill in the gaps of other programs and sometimes it was to build programs to control all aspects of the business. Eventually other business owners and government officials stared asking if I could do the same for them. To meet those needs we started Tribute Solutions. Working internally and in partnership with a network of the best software engineers around the world, we have the ability to develop and implement the specific solutions your organization needs and we cam do it on an affordable basis. When we start working together, I’ll be your main contact of program design and implementation.

I’m Matt Ainsworth, Mike’s son, a graduate of Western Carolina University and a veteran of the United States Coast Guard. Following my national service, I worked as an instructor at colleges in China, teaching English and consulting with Chinese businesses. On my return to America I began starting my own businesses. Just like my Dad indicated above, the marketing and management control programs I found met many needs but never worked exactly like I wanted. Every business needs custom software. When we start working together, I’ll be your main contact during the project design phase and for follow up support as long as you use our solution.