Tribute Solutions, LLC
Custom management software to meet your specific needs
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The based on previous projects, design of your custom management solution will probably range between $20,000 and $50,000 in upfront costs. More sophisticated solutions with extended features may be more.
Simple projects may be less. We won’t know until we’ve had a chance to talk and discuss your needs.

In all cases, a detailed project plan will be developed before you commit. This will provide the scope of work to be completed between milestone intervals. Should you be unhappy for any reason, work may be halted at any milestone and you are obligated only for the work performed to date.

Once your system is implemented, on going annual costs will depend on the number of Users (people on your staff who work directly with the program) and the number / type of devices that will access the system. Typically this works out to $50 per month per User accessing from a Windows or Macintosh computer. Low additional fees may apply for iOS device and website access. These ongoing fees are guaranteed to stay the same for at least 2 years. Complete ongoing hosting and support pricing will be part of the detailed project plan submitted for your review prior to the start of work.

That's it. Simple and affordable pricing almost every business can afford - with productivity gains that offset your going costs. Tribute will supply the management / marketing / control system that meets your exact needs. It will be far more effective - and usually cheaper - than off the shelf services provided online.