Tribute Solutions, LLC
Custom management software to meet your specific needs
How we work
It begins with listening

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When we take on a new client, we are starting a relationship that will last for years. Our goal is to make your business more efficient and productive. Therefore, we don’t start with preconceived ideas about technology. We start by listening to you and getting information on how your business should work. It is in many ways more of a business consultation than a software driven process.

Once we have a handle on your current work flows, the deficiencies in your current systems and your objectives for future operations, we create a detailed project plan. It will outline our findings, the solutions we think will best work for you, and a budget for design and implementation. There is no cost to you until you agree and sign off on the proposed scope of work.

Our work efforts will be divided into milestones for the accomplishment the development plan. Payments to us will be set on those milestone dates. If at any milestone you find our work not up to your standards, you can terminate and owe only for our efforts up to that point.

Once a solution has been created, we will work with you and your staff on its implementation. We will provide the training and ongoing support you need to get the maximum benefit out of your software.