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Hosting & Device Access

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Our solutions are built using Filemaker, the world’s most advanced and easily customizable rapid application development platform. (Filemaker is a wholly owned subsidiary of Apple, Inc.) Unlike most development platforms, Filemaker provides for the creation of a User interface at the same time data flows are being designed. This allow us to create solutions that look and work exactly like you need them to work in a fraction of the time for far less cost.

Once your solution has been created it has to be implemented in a way that all Users have access to all data at the same time. As part of our going service, we still store your data on an Internet accessible Filemaker server which will be encrypted to whatever level of security required by your business.. Although accessed via the Internet, only persons whom you have assigned connection software and for whom you have established User Accounts will be able to access advanced program functions. This includes those working from either Windows or Macintosh computers.

Direct access to all standard program functions can be established for Windows, Macintosh and iOS devices. Slightly more restricted web browser based access may be established all current devices including those running Android. This combination assures the best combination of security and program performance for all desktop, laptop and mobile devices.